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The impact of the national economic recession has hit our state HARD!  In tough economic times, it’s absolutely necessary to reinvest in community services like education, health care and public safety when New Mexicans need them the most. These public goods and public infrastructure provide the strong foundation needed for renewed job growth and economic recovery.

Better Choices New Mexico supports a more balanced approach to addressing New Mexico’s budgetary challenges. The alliance unites small businesses, members of the faith community, labor groups and nonprofit organizations in an effort to encourage legislators to make a better choice for New Mexico.  A balanced approach strengthens the middle class by protecting investments in our future prosperity, promises new opportunity and offers a helping hand for families faced with growing economic insecurity.

Important information on a balanced approach to addressing New Mexico’s budget crisis is available via the following links…

Better Choices Mean…

  • Leveling the playing field for all businesses, big and small.
  • Accountability and transparency tied to corporate tax giveaways.
  • Generating tax revenues in ways which will ensure equity and fairness.
  • Transparency in state government.
  • Making the rich and out of state corporations pay their fair share.

Investing in New Mexico

  • The best economic development tools are healthy communities and a well-educated workforce.
  • Well-prepared, successful students need adequate education resources.
  • Early childhood education will help prepare our youngest students for future success.

Revenues Matter

Instead of more benefits for the rich at the expense of hardworking New Mexicans, there’s a better choice-

  • Transparency and Accountability: We need a full review of tax giveaways.  New Mexico needs a detailed accounting of where our money goes in the way of corporate tax loopholes and special tax giveaways, including a professional evaluation of whether these special breaks benefit the public through long term job growth.
  • We Need to Close Corporate Loopholes: It’s only fair that we stand up for New Mexicans and our local small business by closing one of the worst corporate tax loopholes-the one by which out-of-state corporations are allowed to avoid paying taxes on the profits they make in New Mexico.
  • Make the Rich Pay Their Fair Share: It’s only fair that we sunset the 40% cut in income taxes that the richest New Mexicans began receiving in 2003. We learned a hard lesson. The tax cut for the rich didn’t trickle down and produce jobs. Instead, New Mexico lost jobs. Let’s renew our commitment to the future by reinvesting in kids and education-instead of continuing this wasteful tax giveaway to the rich.

Better Choices New Mexico Partners

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